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What is Jamia Urdu ?

Jamia Urdu is an old institution established in 1939 to serve the nation and promote urdu language globally through its study centers located across the country.

I feel proud to be the Vice Chancellor of this esteemed institution.


is ICE(I) approved by AICTE
Yes! The syllabus is approved by AICTE !


The AICTE gives accreditation to only to the academic institutions that offer engineering and management degrees in India. The Institution of Engineers (India) is a professional institution which qualifies its members based on their professional experience. It also offers a professional qualification AMIE (Associate Member of Institution of Engineers) which is equivalent to an engineering degree and is accepted my the Government of India.

ICE – is this an university ?
No !


ICE is not an university but its a professional institution which lies under the category API(Autonomous Professional Institutions).

Am i eligible for government jobs after completion of course/membership program ?
Yes ! The Candidate/Member will be eligible to apply for government jobs.
Am i eligible for further studies in any university ?
Yes ! The Candidate/Member will be eligible to apply for any university entrance exam GATE
• Acceptance or the qualifications at Indian universities. • Recognition by State Govts Public & Private Sector Organizations to higher courses clarified by AIU. • Examination twice a year in June & Dec. • Recognition by U.P.S.C. • Institutional Members (Students chapter) all the Country. • Eligibility for GATE • Advisory Board consists of Professors & HOOs of Civil Engineering. • Member Institution of Asian Civil Engineering coordinating council of almost all IITs in the Country.
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